Off Lease Equipment For Sale

QtyManufacturerModelDescriptionCommentsTypeID #
13 ShapeTios Intraoral ScannerItraoral Color ScannerMedical Equipment24830
13 ShapeTrios Color CartIntraoral Scanner SystemMedical Equipment24830
1Abbotti-StatWireless AnalyzerMedical Equipment24673
1AccentoDUAL Spot Size KitDUAL Spot Size Kit2MM, 4MM, 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 16MM, 20MMMedical Laser23886
1Acer1717" LCDMedical Equipment24705
1Acer1515" LCDMedical Equipment24705
1ADSL90-30WSIndustrial Dish Washer237954 CyclesRestaurant24516
1Adtran904Integrated Service RouterTelecom24779
1Adtran1172654G1Total Access 1424S-CETelecom24779
1AlmaFemiLiftPixel CO2 30-Watt Laser w/FemiLift Handpiecew/Pixel 9x9 & 7x7 tip set & 50mm,100mm Focusing HandpiecesMedical Laser24649
1Avaya1408LCD SpeakerPhoneTelecom24799
10Avaya1416LCD SpeakerPhone1 Missing ScreenTelecom24799
2Avaya108883257RLCD SpeakerPhonePartner 18DTelecom24799
1BisonDual ACCENTONd:YAG Alexandrite LaserMedical Laser23717
1BisonDual AccentoHandpiece FiberPurchased from FinPacMedical Laser24579
1BisonDual AccentoHandpieceMedical Laser24617
2BlackBoxAVX-VGA-TP-LRX724-746-5500 Media Centro VX Long Range ReceiverIncludes (2) Power CordsNetworking24535
1BrotherHL-2270DWCompact Laser PrinterPrinter24682
1CarestreamDirectView VitaDigital X-Ray CR ReaderMedical Equipment24673
2CiscoAIR-CT5508-K9Wireless ControllerNetworking24728
1Cisco2921KSU w/ 1 CardT1/E1Networking24439
10CiscoAIR-ANT2566P4W-RDual-Band AntennaNetworking24728
11CiscoAIR-ANT2544V4M-RDual-Band OmniDirectional AntennaNetworking24728
1CiscoTTC8-02TelePresence PrecisionHD Camera 1080pNetworking24539
1CiscoSX20Telepresence w/ RemoteNo ACNetworking24539
1CiscoCTS-CTRL-DVC8Telepresence TouchNetworking24539
1Clonee-enginePC ControllerMedical Equipment24705
1CloneDesktopi5-3470 QC 3.2, 8GB, 500, 7ProDesktop24815
1CrestronDM-TX-201-CDM Computer CenterNetworking24539
1CrestronDM-RMC-200-CDM Room ControllerNetworking24539
1CuteraTrusculpt16 cm2 HandpieceMedical Laser24202
1CuteraTrusculpt40 cm2 HandpieceMedical Laser24202
1CuteraTrusculptBody Sculpting SystemMedical Laser24202
2DellT3500Xeon TowerMedical Equipment24705
1Dell760i3, 2GB, 250, Win 7Medical Equipment24705
8Dell2020" LCD, Attached to CartDIRTYMedical Equipment24705
1Dell2020" LCDMedical Equipment24705
1DellE2016Hc20" LCD MonitorLCD24763
3DITEKDTK-MRJSurge ProtectorNewTelecom24521
1DTx526Win 2000 Pro Desktopw/ Software DiskDesktop24350
1EpsonV500V500 Photo ScannerScanner24815
1EpsonTM-T20TM-T20 Thermal Receipt Printer252 CutsPrinter24815
1EpsonM249ATM-T20 Thermal Receipt Printer110 CutsPrinter24689
1EpsonTM-T20TM-T20 Thermal Receipt Printer492 CutsPrinter24690
1EpsonArtisan1430 Stylus Pro PrinterMagenta Ink Needs ReplacementPrinter24815
1EpsonStylus Pro 989044" Wide Format PrinterDamaged, 133 Page Print Count; DOM 6/2013Printer24815
2ESI48 Key FD IPFP (REV.B)LCD SpeakerphoneTelecom24819
1ESIESI-100KSU w/ 4 Cards + SD Card2xIVX E2-LNC, IVX E2 684, IVX E2 612, SD: 00441121100009Telecom24819
13ESI48 Key FD IPFPLCD SpeakerphoneTelecom24819
3ESI48 Key IPFPLCD Speakerphone5 Scuffed Screen, 1 Worn Screen+Black Spot+No Power, 2 No PowerTelecom24819
1ESI48 Key IPFP2LCD SpeakerphoneTelecom24819
1ESI48 Key IPFP RLCD SpeakerphoneTelecom24819
1ESI48 Key H RMT IPFPLCD SpeakerphoneTelecom24819
1ExtronXPA-70VPower AmplifierNetworking24539
1FordF-650Box Truck, 2007, 6.0L V8 Powerstroke Diesel147k Miles, Coolant Leak in Front, Engine Burning Coolant/Oil, Doesn't Start w/o Starting Fluid, Engine Rebuild Required, Driveshaft Loose on Rear Differential, Glow Plugs Not Working, Tires BaldingTrucking24542
1FreightlinerM2 106Box Truck, 2016, 6.7 L L6 Cummins Diesel Sleeper304k Miles, Wrong Key (Still Works), Driver and Passenger Side Box Creased, Blower Motor Noisy, 4 Front Clearance Lights on Box Out, Windshield CrackedTrucking24543
1Fuji FilmFCR XG-1X-Ray Film ReaderMFG Date: April, 2004 - No Computer/Software ReturnedMedical Equipment24748
2FumexFA1-MAir CleanerMedical Equipment24705
2Given ImagingDR3PillCam Recorder w/ Charging BaseMedical Equipment24749
1GSIRCR-10337LaserMedical Equipment24705
1Honeywell1900GSR-1Handheld ScannerScanner24682
1Honeywell1900Handheld ScannerScanner24350
1HP2020" LCDDIRTYMedical Equipment24705
5HP9470mi5-3437U DC 1.9, 256 SSD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop24760
1HP2920-24G24 Port SwitchTelecom24779
1HP6000Pentium DC E6700 3.2, 4GB, 500, 7 ProSFFDesktop24787
1HP6000C2Q Q9400 2.66, 4GB, 500, 7 ProSFFDesktop24787
1HPP19A19" LCD MonitorLCD24775
6HP9470mi5-3437U DC 1.9, 4GB, 256 SSD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop24775
1HPML350p Gen82xXeon E5-2620v2 6C 2.1, 4x16GB, 3x1.2TB 10K SASServer24787
4HP9480mi5-4310U DC 2.0, 8 GB, 256 SSD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop24772
2HP9470mi5-3437U DC 1.9, 8GB, 8 Pro, CamLaptop24773
5HP9470mi5-3437U DC 1.9, 8GB, 256 SSD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop24774
1International4300Box Truck, 2015, Maxxforce DT466, Crew Cab76k Miles, Auto Trans, Rear Door Smashed on Top, Bullet Hole Passenger Side Between Doors, Both Mirror Brackets Not Connected, Right Rear Outer Tire Flat, Check Engine Light On, Bed in Back Replacing Rear SeatsTrucking24627
1Inter-Tel580.1000KSU w/ 0 CardsTelecom24521
2Inter-Tel580.1001KSU w/ 3 CardsCards 3x - DEM-16, w/ 2 Extra cards SLM-8,DDM-16Telecom24521
1KenworthT300Box Truck, 2014, Paccar PX-7, Sleeper356k Miles, Manual Trans, Missing Steering Wheel Face, Bumper Bent, Mirror Above Passenger Door Cracked, 4 Marker Lights Out, Rear Bumper BentTrucking24626
2Laser PhotonicsFT XP-CWLaser SystemMedical Equipment24705
1Laser PhotonicsFT XPLaser SystemMedical Equipment24705
1Laser PhotonicsLPQ-20-1.0-iSIntegrated Fiber LaserMedical Equipment24705
2Laser PhotonicsLPCW20-iSIntegrated Fiber LaserMedical Equipment24705
1LenovoT440si5-4300U DC 1.9, 8GB, 500, 8 Pro, CamLaptop24820
1LenovoT450si5-5200U DC 2.2, 4GB, 250SSD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop24821
2LenovoM93p Tinyi5-4570T DC 2.9, 6 GB, 80, 8 Prow/ Optical DriveDesktop24785
10LenovoLT2252pwA22" LCD MonitorLCD24785
1LenovoT450si5-5200U DC 2.2, 4GB, 250SSD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop24812
1LenovoW540i7-4700MQ QC 2.4, 16GB, 500, 8 Pro, CamLaptop24787
3LenovoW540i7-4700MQ QC 2.4, 8GB, 500, 8 Pro, CamLaptop24787
1LenovoL2440pwC24" LCD MonitorLCD24785
1MedtronicStraightshot M5Endoscrub Systemw/ 2 Foot Switches, Basket, ConsoleMedical Equipment24147
1Medtronic1899200M5 Microdebriderw/ Instrument TrayMedical Equipment24147
1MedtronicFusionENT Image Guiding Systemw/ Instrument Kit, Software KitMedical Equipment24147
1Middle Atlantic ProductsPD-915R15 Amp Power Center w/ 3 Station RackNetworking24539
21Mitel5330eLCD Speakerphone50006476Telecom24779
1MitelPL-08-MTL8 Port SwitchTelecom24817
1Mitel580.1003KSU w/4 CardsCards 2x DualT1/E1/PRI, 2x DDM-16,w/ 1 Extra Card -DEM-16, No Power SupplyTelecom24521
1Mitel3300 CX IIController w/ 1 CardT1/E1Telecom24817
1MitelPL-024-MTLStreamline Unit 24 PortTelecom24817
4Mitel5320LCD SpeakerphoneNew in BoxTelecom24817
16Mitel5320LCD Speakerphone2 Black Spot, 1 Scuffed ScreenTelecom24817
2Mitel5330eLCD SpeakerphoneTelecom24817
1Mitel3300 CX IIController w/ 0 CardsTelecom24817
5Mitel8568LCD Speakerphone2 Scuffed ScreensTelecom24816
1Mitel580.1003Controller w/ 1CardFlash:5601003801RA, Dual T1/E1/PRITelecom24779
1Nanosphere10-0000-02Verigene Reader InstrumentMedical Equipment24682
3Nanosphere10-0000-07Verigene Processor SP InstrumentMedical Equipment24682
1NecEA244WMi24" LCDLCD24535
2NecIP7WW-12TXH-B1LCD SpeakerphoneTelecom24781
1NecSL2100Controller w/ 1 Card082U-B1Telecom24781
1NetgearFVS318G8 Port SwitchTelecom24222
1OpticonC-37Handheld ScannerScanner24350
1PlanarPXL2230MW22" Touchscreen MonitorMissing Stand, Includes Wall MountLCD24815
1PlanarPXL2330MW22" Touchscreen MonitorLCD24690
1PlantronicsC054Wireless Headsetw/ BaseTelecom24763
7PlantronicsCloneWired HeadsetTelecom24763
1Polycom2201-67810-001SoundStation 2 Conference Speaker Phonew/ 2 External MicsNetworking24483
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Feeder/SealerMailing24143
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail machine w/ Feeder and AccessoriesMailing23808
1PostaliaPostBaseMail Machine w/ Feeder & AccessoriesMailing24537
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine w/ Feeder & AccessoriesInk SpillMailing24237
1PostaliaPostBaseMail Machine w/ Feeder + AccessoriesDifferent Serial Than PaperworkMailing24252
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail MachineMailing24496
1PostaliaPostBase 30Mail Machine w/ AutofeederMissing StylusMailing24323
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine w/ Feeder & AccessoriesMailing24334
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Feeder & AccessoriesMailing24364
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine W/Feeder/Sealer+ AccessoriesMailing24434
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail machine W/ Feeder and AccessoriesMailing24213
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine w/ Semi Auto Feeder/SealerMailing24212
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine w/ Feeder + AccessoriesBroken Cover on BaseMailing24322
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine w/ Autofeeder & AccessoriesMailing24727
1PostaliaPostBase 45Feeder + AccessoriesMissing BaseMailing24811
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine W/ Feeder/SealerReturned w/ MeterMailing23783
1PostaliaFPI 6002 Station Folder Inserter95K CountMailing24829
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine w/ Autofeeder/Sealerw/ MeterMailing24780
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Autofeeder + AccessoriesMailing23751
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine w/ Auto Feederw/ AccessoriesMailing23855
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine w/ Feeder & AccessoriesMailing24721
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Auto FeederMissing Accessories, StylusMailing23661
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine w/ Feeder/Sealer & AccessoriesMailing24731
1PostaliaPostbase 45Mail Machine w/ AccessoriesNo Feeder/Sealer, Came w/ MeterMailing23837
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine w/ Feeder/SealerMailing23829
1PostaliaPostBase 30Mail MachineMailing23829
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine w/ Feeder & AccessoriesMailing24753
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ AutofeederMailing24756
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine w/ Feeder + AccessoriesMailing24709
1PostaliaPostbase 45Mail Machine w/ Feeder + AccessoriesMailing24597
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Autofeeder + AccessoriesMailing24053
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine w/ Feeder/SealerMailing23949
1PostaliaPostBaseMail Machine w/ AccessoriesMailing24548
1PostaliaPostbase 30Mail MachineNo Feeder or AccessoriesMailing24576
1PostaliaPostbase 45Mail Machine w/ Feeder and AccessoriesInk SpillMailing24577
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Feeder/SealerMailing23925
1PostaliaPostBase 30Mail MachineReturned with MeterMailing23828
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail machine w/ Auto Feeder & AccessoriesMailing23824
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine w/ Auto FeederBroken Feeder LatchMailing24646
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Auto FeederMailing24592
4PostaliaPostBase 30Mail MachineMailing23817
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ AutofeederDamagedMailing23870
1PostaliaPostBase 30Mail MachineMailing23805
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Feeder + AccessoriesMailing24640
1PostaliaPost Base 45Mail Machine w/ Feeder + Accessoriesw/ MeterMailing24807
3Rand McNallyTND-760Automotive Diagnostic SystemIndustrial24483
1RaylaseMS-1[Y]D1Focus On LaserMedical Equipment24705
1ScanlabSCANcube 10LaserMedical Equipment24705
1Scherr Tumico20-350014" Horizontal Beam Optical ComparatorMedical Equipment24705
1SchubertDB 3/SSCDual Draft Downdraft Table 34x322011Medical Equipment24705
1ShoreTelShoregear 90Voice SwitchTelecom24804
1ShoreTelIP 230LCD SpeakerphoneNew In BoxTelecom24804
5ShoreTelIP 230LCD Speakerphonew 5 POE AdaptersTelecom24804
1ShoreTelUC Server 20Unified Communication ServerTelecom24804
1ShoreTelIP 265LCD Speakerphonew/ 1 POE AdapterTelecom24804
1SiemensEXLDirect Plumbing KitMedical Equipment24441
1SiemensAdvia Centaur XPImmunoassay SystemMedical Equipment24441
1SiemensClinitek Status+Urine AnalyzerMedical Equipment24673
2SpaceLabs Healthcare91387Ultraview SL(Telemetry)Medical Equipment24535
2SpaceLabs Healthcare91449Printer, 50MMMedical Equipment24535
2SpaceLabs Healthcare9426619 Inch TouchScreen LCD Color DisplayMedical Equipment24535
6SpaceLabs Healthcare96281AriaTele Transmitter With DisplayIncludes (6) 5-Lead,AHA/AAMI Color Code LeadsMedical Equipment24535
1SpaceLabs Healthcare90479-CUltraview Telemetry Reciever Housing w/ CoverMedical Equipment24535
6SpaceLabs Healthcare91390Qube Compact Monitor w/Base UnitMedical Equipment24535
1Supply ProSupplyBay 3Industrial Vending MachineCard Reader Magstripe/BarcodeVending24736
1SwannSWDVR-94200HDVR Camera SystemCracked CaseSecurity24762
1Syneron CandelaFG71201Velashape IIIMedical Laser24740
2TandbergTTC5-06Conference MicrophoneNetworking24539
1Trinity BiotechUltra 2Dual Assay A1c Analyzer SystemMedical Equipment24602
1Tykma985130200Laser2012Medical Equipment24705
2TykmaLaser SystemLaser SystemMedical Equipment24705
2VisionGaugeVGDOC-30H-10X/20X/50XDigital Optical ComparatorMedical Equipment24705
1Ward Photonics LLCUltraSlim ProNon-Invasive Light Therapy SystemMissing Safety GogglesMedical Equipment24638
1YealinkSIP-T48GLCD SpeakerphoneTelecom24222
3YealinkSIP-T41PLCD Speakerphone1 Worn ScreenTelecom24222
12YealinkSIP-T26PLCD SpeakerphoneTelecom24763
2ZultysZIP 35iLCD SpeakerPhones2 Dark SpotsTelecom24098