Off Lease Equipment For Sale

QtyManufacturerModelDescriptionCommentsTypeID #
1Aastra6755iLCD SpeakerphoneScratched ScreenTelecom23074
7Aastra6755iLCD Speakerphone2 Scratched ScreensTelecom23074
1AbbottArchitect i1000SRProcessing ModuleW/ 10 CardsMedical Equipment23003
1Abbott205698-101Architect SCC Computer Win 2000w/ Virtual PC 99058-101 FloppyMedical Equipment23003
1AbbottArchitect i1000SRProcessing ModuleW/ 5 CardsMedical Equipment23003
1AbbottPiccoloXpress Chemistry AnalyzerMedical Equipment22937
2ADCAdtemp 429Non Contact Thermometer (New in Box)Medical Equipment23106
10ADCAdtemp SPUDigital Thermometry System (New in Box)Medical Equipment23106
2AlereCholestech LDXAnalyzerMedical Equipment23107
1AlereTriageMeterPo Lab Testing Platformw/Cardiac Panel Software CDMedical Equipment23107
29AppleiMac 21.5"Desktop23128
2AppleMacBook Pro 15" Retinai7 QC 2.2, 16GB, 256 SSD, No SD, No OSLaptop23128
1Applied Vision19469 DecoMasterColor Blanket Inspection Sys w/ McLean Air CondMFG 4/2013Industrial23114
1AvingerLightboxImaging Unit for OCT Images Dual DisplayMedical Equipment23132
5BretfordPureCharge Station 1010 Plug Apple Charging StationDocking Station22566
1ByteccBT-5555 Port SwtichNetworking23003
1Cadwell190272-200Sierra Summit BaseMedical Equipment23182
1Cadwell190276-200Sierra Summit 2 Ch. AmplifierMedical Equipment23182
4CadwellEasy IIEEG/PSG Machine w/Power ModuleMedical Equipment23106
1CanonDR-2050CDocument ScannerMedical Equipment22376
1CanonMG3520Printer, ScannnerPrinter23182
1CEMDT-810Infrared ThermometerMedical Equipment23068
1CiscoMS220-48LP-HWMeraki 48 Port SwitchNetworking23127
1CiscoMX64W-HWMeraki 4 Port RouterNetworking23127
1CiscoWS-C3750-24PS-S24 Port SwitchTelecom22627
2CiscoMR32-HWMeraki Wireless Access PointNo P.S.Networking23127
2CiscoUCSC-C220-M3S V01Xeon CPU E5-2620 HC 2.0, 6x 8GB RAM, No HDDsServer23169
1CloneBlackXeon QC 3.3, 4x8GB, 2x2TBServer23179
4CloneCeilingSpeakers (two new, two used)Audio23106
1DatalogicQuickScanHandheld ScannerMedical Equipment23107
3DatascopeAccutorr PlusVital Signs Monitor w/Mobile CartMedical Equipment23106
2DazzleDVD RecorderHD Video Capture DeviceVideo23106
9DellE6440i5 DC 2.7, 8GB, 180 SSD, DVD-RW, 7 Pro, CamLaptop23162
1Dell2001FP20" LCD MonitorNo Stand, No ACLCD23113
3DellE5440i5 DC 2.0, 8GB, 180 SSD, DVD-Rom, 8 Pro, CamLaptop23162
1Dell7020i5 QC 3.3(4th), 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 8 ProDesktop23007
2DellLatitude E5530i5 DC 2.5, 4GB, 250, Win 10Medical Equipment23106
2DellLatitude E5520i5 DC 2.3, 4GB, 250, Win 10Laptops Contain Software for Multiple SystemsMedical Equipment23106
5DellE5430i5 DC 2.6(3rd), 4GB, 320, DVD-RW, 7 Pro, CamLaptop23054
1DellE5470i5 DC 2.4 6th Gen, 8GB, No HDD, No OD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop23162
5DellE5440i5 DC 2.0(4th), 4GB, 500, DVD-ROM, 7 Pro, CamLaptop23007
1DellT5400Xeon E5410 2.33 x 2, 8GB, 250, DVD RW, VistaMedical Equipment22376
1Dell2009Wt20" LCDLCD22376
1Dell1704FPTt17" LCDLCD22376
1Dell1905FP19" LCDLCD22376
1Dell9020i7 QC 3.6(4th), 16GB, 500, DVD-RW, 8 ProDesktop23007
1DellE6440i5 DC 2.7, 4GB, 500, DVD RW, 7 Pro, CamLaptop23007
1DellE5440i5 DC 2.0(4th), 4GB, 500, DVD-ROM, 7 Pro, CamLaptop23007
2DellE5440i5 DC 2.0(4th), 4GB, 500, DVD-ROM, 7 Pro, CamLaptop23007
1DellE5450i5 2.3 5th Gen, 4GB, 500Laptop23007
1DellDocking Stations15 Docking StationsDocking Station23162
59Dell3330Latitude i3 DC 1.5, 4GB, 320GB HDDLaptop23054
1DellSTPE25Storage Library 25x 300GB HDD10K SASStorage23169
1Dell7020i5 QC 3.3(4th), 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 8 ProDesktop23007
2DellE5440i5 DC 2.0(4th), 4GB, 500, DVD-ROM, 7 Pro, CamLaptop23007
1DellE5440i5 DC 2.0(4th), 4GB, 500, DVD-ROM, 7 Pro, CamLaptop23007
1DellE5440i5 DC 2.0(4th), 4GB, 500, DVD-ROM, 7 Pro, CamLaptop23007
1Dell3010i3 DC 3.3(3rd), 2GB, 250, DVD-ROM, 7 ProDesktop23017
1DermaSweepD06246Multi-Level Resurfacing SystemMissing Tools & Attachments - ON HOLDMedical Equipment21877
5DetectoP48Infectious Waste Containers, WhiteMedical Equipment23107
3DetectoP32-RInfectious Waste Containers, RedMedical Equipment23107
8DymedixPerfectFit IIEffort Belts (4 Size XL, 4 Size L)Medical Equipment23106
4DymedixComplete+Interface Cable for Triple Play Airflow SensorMedical Equipment23106
4DymedixPerfectFit IIPVDF Respiratory Effort Belt (adult) ChestMedical Equipment23106
4DymedixPerfectFit IIPVDF Adult Effort Belt (adult) AbdomenMedical Equipment23106
4DymedixTriplePlayReusable Sensor, MediumMedical Equipment23106
1EclipseReverseMechanized Epidural Tattoo Removal PenMedical Laser22364
1Edgewater Networks4550Network Services GatewayTelecom23074
2EIZOFlexscan L363T-CTouchscreen LCD MonitorMedical Equipment23129
2EloET1515L15" TouchscreenMedical Equipment23003
1EMCBackUp BatteryBackUp BatteryUPS23169
1EndyMedIntensifHandpieceMedical Equipment23068
1EndyMedPROWith AccessoriesMedical Equipment23068
1EndyMediFineHandpieceMedical Equipment23068
1EndyMedSmallHandpieceMedical Equipment23068
1EndyMedIntensif Tips6 ouf of 10Medical Equipment23068
1EndyMedShaperMedical Equipment23068
1Ergotron60-572Large Display Tilting Wall MountMedical Equipment22376
2ErgotronA0486345HD Combo Arm w/CPU HolderMedical Equipment22376
1FortinetFMG-400BFortiManager 400BNetworking22864
1FortinetFAZ-100CForti-Analyzer 100CNo Power SupplyNetworking22864
1GE11L4.5-11 MHz Linear TransducerMedical Equipment23108
1GE3S1-3 MHz Sector TransducerMedical Equipment23108
2GEE8C4-11 MHz Micro Convex TransducerMedical Equipment23108
2GEM12L5-13 MHz Matrix Array Linear TransducerMedical Equipment23108
3GE4C2-5 MHz Convex TransducerMedical Equipment23108
1GE8C4-11MHz Micro Convex TransducerMedical Equipment23108
1GELOGIQ Book XPPortable Ultrasound, 10" DisplayIncludes Cart & 8LRS Transducer (Mfg 2005)Medical Equipment23108
1GELOGIQ P6UltrasoundMedical Equipment23108
2GELOGIQ 9BT09 UltrasoundMedical Equipment23108
1GE4S2-5 MHz Sector TransducerMedical Equipment23108
1GE MarquetteMac 120012-Channel EKGDOM 7/2007Medical Equipment23106
11GrandstreamGXP2160LCD Speakerphone - LOCKED, PASSWORD PROTECTEDTelecom22627
11GrandstreamGXP2160LCD Speakerphone - LOCKED/PASSWORD PROTECTED 1 Scuffed ScreenTelecom22546
1Healthometer553KL44 Lb. Infant ScaleMedical Equipment23107
1Healthometer500KL500 Capactiy ScaleMedical Equipment23107
1HP8570pi5 DC 2.7, 4GB, 500, DVD RW, 8 Pro, CamLaptop23175
3HPV241p24" LCD MonitorLCD23186
1HPJ9147A48 Port SwitchNetworking23036
1HPJ4900c24 Port SwitchTelecom23169
1HPM402dnLaserJet Pro PrinterPrinter23062
1HPHSTNN-IX10USB Docking StationDocking Station23161
4HP9470mi5 DC 1.9(3rd), 8GB, 256 SSD, No OD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop23147
1HP9470mi5 DC 1.9 (3rd), 8GB, 256 SSD, No OD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop23147
26HP8300i5 QC (3rd) 2.9, 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 8 ProUSFF, 6 DamagedDesktop23153
2HP6300i3 DC 3.3 (3rd), 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 8 ProSFFDesktop23159
1HP600 G1i3 DC 3.6(4th), 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 8 ProSFFDesktop23158
16HP600 G1i5 QC 3.3, 8GB, 500, DVD RW, 8 ProSFF, Not TestedDesktop23186
2HP9470mi5 DC 1.9 (3rd), 8GB, 256 SSD, No OD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop23159
1HP9470mi5 DC 1.9 (3rd), 8GB, 256 SSD, No OD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop23159
4HP9470mi5 DC 1.9(3rd), 4GB, 180 SSD, No OD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop23161
1HP6300i3 DC 3.3, 4GB, 500, DVD RW, 8 ProSFFDesktop23161
1HP9470mi5 DC 1.9(3rd), 4GB, 256 SSD. No OD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop23147
1HP8300i5 QC (3rd) 3.4, 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 7 ProSFFDesktop23153
11HP8300i5 QC (3rd) 2.9, 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 7 ProUSFF, 1 DamagedDesktop23152
2IEZOL363T-C15" LCDMedical Equipment22376
1ImpervaX4510Xeon E5-2620 HC 2.0, 4x8GB, 2x2TB (7.2K SATA)Networking20581
9Intermec1002UU05CN70 4 Station Charging Base W/ 10 Batteries $55 for batteriesScanner22903
4Intermec1002UU05CN70 4 Station Charging BaseW/ 5 ChargersDocking Station22904
3IntermecAD102 Station Charging BaseScanner22903
18IntermecAD114 Station Charging BaseScanner22903
4Inter-Tel8520LCD Speakerphone4 Scratched Screens, 1 Missing BackplateTelecom23184
1Inter-Tel550.420060 Button DSSTelecom23169
2Inter-TelSingle Line AdapterSingle Line AdapterTelecom23169
1Inter-TelINT4000Wireless Phone Base Missing HandsetTelecom23169
4Inter-Tel8560LCD Speakerphone4 Scratched Screens, 2 Missing BackplatesTelecom23184
1Inter-Tel550.4500LCD SpeakerphoneScratched ScreenTelecom23169
2Inter-Tel8500No Display SpeakerphoneTelecom23184
19Inter-Tel550.4400LCD Speakerphone1 Scratched Screen, 4 Scuffed ScreensTelecom23169
2Jadak3800GScannerMedical Equipment23003
2Konica MinoltaRegius 190Direct DigitizerDOM 2006Medical Equipment23129
3Konica MinoltaRP-4T14x14 CassettesMedical Equipment23129
9Konica MinoltaRP-4S110Xpress 14x17 Cassette/Plate KitMedical Equipment23129
7Konica MinoltaRP-4SXpress 10x12 Cassette/Plate KitMedical Equipment23129
1LeicaRM2255Fully Motorized Rotary Microtome w/HandWheelMedical Equipment23108
1LenovoYogai5 DC 1.9(4th), 8GB, 180 SSD, No OD, 8 ProLaptop23156
1LenovoLT2452PWC24" LCD MonitorLCD23113
1LenovoTiny-in-One 23i5 DC 2.9, 8GB, No HDD, DVD RW, 8 Prow/ PSLCD23120
5LenovoT440si5 DC 1.9(4th), 8GB, 180 SSD, No OD, 7 Pro, Camw/ 5 Docking StationsLaptop23155
1LenovoT440si5 DC 1.9(4th), 8GB, 180 SSD, No OD, 7 Pro, CamLaptop23154
3LenovoM93Pi5 QC 3.2(4th), 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 8 ProSFF, 2 Damaged, White Plains, NYDesktop23172
1Lenovo6087Medical Equipment23129
1Lenovo6258Medical Equipment23129
1LenovoM93P Tinyi5 DC 2.9, 8GB, No HDD, DVD RW, 8 ProDesktop For Tiny-In-One MonitorDesktop23120
22LenovoT440si5 DC 1.9(4th), 8GB, 180 SSD, No OD, 7 Pro, Camw/ 28 Docking StationsLaptop23156
6LenovoM93Pi5 QC (4th) 3.2, 6GB, 500, DVD-RW, 8 ProDesktop23113
1LenovoM73i5 QC 3.3(4th), 8GB, 4TB, DVD-RW, 8 ProDesktop23179
1LenovoX250i5 DC 2.3(5th), 4GB, 500, No OD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop23172
6LenovoOneLink ProDockDocking Station23112
5LenovoUltraDocksDocking Station23112
2LenovoT430i5 DC 2.6(3rd), 4GB, 320, DVD-ROM, 8 Pro, CamLaptop23172
12Lenovo22"22" LCD MonitorLCD23112
9LenovoT2324pA23" LCD MonitorLCD23120
36LenovoLT2252PWA22" LCD MonitorLCD23113
1LenovoM73i3 DC 3.4(4th), 4GB, 500, DVD RW, 8 ProTower22926
25LenovoM93Pi5 QC (4th) 3.2, 6GB, 500, DVD RW, 8 ProTower23113
1LenovoM93Pi5 QC (4th) 3.2, 6GB, 500, DVD-RW, 8 ProTower23119
2LexmarkE360dPrinterMedical Equipment23003
1Markem ImajeSmartDate X40Thermal Transfer PrinterW/ 10054384Printer22810
1McKessonConsult 120Urine Strip AnalyzerMedical Equipment23107
1McKesson121-120Urine AnalyzerMedical Equipment23107
8MFI GoldCUPMedical Reusable Gold EEG Electrodes (New)Medical Equipment23106
4MidmarkRitter 204-001Patient Exam Tables w/Soft Touch UpholsteryMedical Equipment23107
1Mimaki4400CC ES3Magenta Ink CartridgeJV33-130Printer23142
1MimakiJV400-160LX64"Trashed Ink Dispenser, Badly Dented, Massive Ink Spill, Destroyed Cartridges in MachinePrinter23142
1Mimaki2200CC ES3Silver Eco-Solvent Ink CartridgeJV33-130Printer23142
1Mimaki2200CC ES3White Eco-Solvent CartridgeJV33-130Printer23142
1Mimaki440CC ES3Black Ink CartridgeJV33-130Printer23142
1Mimaki4400CC ES3Cyan Ink CartirdgeJV33-130Printer23142
1Mimaki4400CC ES3Light Magenta Ink CartridgeJV33-130Printer23142
1Mimaki4400CC ES3Yellow Ink CartridgeJV33-130Printer23142
1Mimaki4400CC ES3Light Cyan Ink CartridgeJV300-130Printer23142
4Mitel5360LCD SpeakerphoneTelecom23177
3Mitel5330LCD SpeakerphoneTelecom23171
1Mitel5340eLCD Speakerphone "5006478"Telecom23171
1Mitel5224LCD SpeakerphoneTelecom23171
2Mitel544848 Button DSSTelecom23171
35Mitel5360LCD Speakerphone1 Scratched Screen, 1 Scratched BodyTelecom23171
1Mitel580.1000KSU W/ 1 Card PM-1Telecom23169
1Mitel3300 CXi II16 Port ICP Controller w/ 0 CardsTelecom23171
4Mitel8528LCD Speakerphone2 Scratched ScreensTelecom23103
1Mitel580.1003HX Controller w/ 1 CardDUAL T1/E1/PRI, CF: 50006500Telecom23131
14Mitel5330LCD Speakerphone6 w/ Cordless Headset Modules, 2 DarkspotsTelecom23131
1Mitel5330LCD SpeakerphoneTelecom22328
4Mitel5360LCD SpeakerphoneTelecom23171
3Mitel5330eLCD Speakerphone50006476Telecom23077
1Mitel5320LCD SpeakerphoneTelecom23103
1Mitel8568LCD Speakerphone1 Scratched ScreenTelecom23103
1Mitel580.1003HX Controller w/ 2 CardsDDM-16B, LSM-4, CF: 841.1152Telecom23103
2MitelMxe III ControllerKSU W/ 1 Card T1/E1 , 50006269Telecom23183
79Mitel5320eLCD Speakerphone 1 Dark Spot, 1 Missing Name PlateTelecom23183
1Mitel580.1001KSU W/ 3 Cards 3x DEM-16Telecom23169
18Mitel8568LCD Speakerphone13 Scratched Screens, 1 Scuffed ScreenTelecom23169
2NDSDome E5Medical LCD Monitorw/ PSMedical Equipment22376
1NetgearFS728TP24 Port SwitchTelecom23074
1NortelT7316LCD SpeakerphoneScratched Screen, PlatinumTelecom23185
1NortelT7208LCD SpeakerphoneScratched Screen, Missing Stand, CharcoalTelecom23185
13NortelT7316ELCD Speakerphone9 Scratched Screens, 3 Missing Stands, CharcoalTelecom23185
1OKICX4545RADF, Print, Scan, FAX, DUP, LCT, FINCopier23065
1Optos200DXRetinal Imaging System w/Computer & MonitorComputer Password ProtectedMedical Equipment23061
5Polycom2201-15600-001Conference SpeakerphoneTelecom23183
10PolycomVVX 500LCD Speakerphone2 Failing Backlight, 1 Scuffed CaseTelecom23089
1PostaliaCentormail 120 MaxMail Machine W/ Feeder & SealerMailing23006
1PostaliaAJ-5000Address PrinterMailing23079
1PostaliaCentormail 140 MaxMail Machine w/ Feeder, Sealer, & Dynamic ScaleYellowedMailing23047
1PostaliaCentormail 120 MaxMail Machine w/ Feeder, Sealer, & Dynamic ScaleYellowedMailing23055
2PowervarUPM120 VACMedical Equipment23129
2PowervarUPSReader, 120 VACMedical Equipment23129
1ReinaWall Mount14 x 42Medical Equipment23129
1RespironicsOmniLab 1043343Titration SystemMedical Equipment23106
1RespironicsREMstarHeated HumidifierMedical Equipment23106
1RicomaMT150215 Needle 2 Head Embroidery MachineSoftware Dongle Not ReturnedIndustrial23170
1RouterFinderRF820Internet Security ApplianceNetworking23003
2SeagateSRD00F22TB External HDDStorage23179
1Select Medical3-ShelfWhite Rolling Plastic CartMedical Equipment23107
1SharpPN-L703BSharp 70" Interactive Smartboard (No PC)Includes Eraser, Remote, Pen, TrayLCD23063
1ShuttleDS81i5 QC (4th) 3.00, 4GB, 256SSD, No OD, 7 Prow/ Wall MountEducation23063
7SimplehumanBrushed StainlessMotion Sensor Trash CanMedical Equipment23107
1SpectralinkPTE141Wireless HandsetIncludes Charging Port & (2) BatteriesTelecom22328
1Sun2157-3000ATowerMedical Equipment22376
2SymbolLS2208-SR20001Handheld ScannerMedical Equipment22376
1SysmexPOCH-100iHematology AnalyzerDOM 1/2015Medical Equipment23107
1ToshibaC50-Bi5 DC 1.7(4th), 4GB, 500, DVD-ROM, 8 ProLaptop23182
12ToshibaDP5032-SDLCD Speakerphone8 Scratched ScreensTelecom23168
5ToshibaDP5032-SDLCD Speakerphone 2 Scratched ScreensTelecom23180
1ToshibaCHSUB112A2KSU w/ 5 CardsBWDKU1, RCOU3A, RCOS3A, BPTU2A, iES 16 XPE, SD: 1GB, CF:4GBTelecom23168
1Toyota8FGCU15Unit #U446-16Industrial23110
1VerizonAC791LJetpackWireless Hotspot, Wireless ChargerTelecom22948
6WeaverTen20Conductive Neurodiagnostic Electrode Paste (New)Medical Equipment23106
2WeaverNuPrep3 Pak Skin Prep GelMedical Equipment23106
1Welch Allyn703480Calibration Syringe, New in BoxMedical Equipment23107
2Welch Allyn73WTConnex Spot MonitorMedical Equipment23107
1XoftXP1100Axxent Controller w/ Kit Includes AccessoriesMedical Equipment21118
2Zosi1080p 8CHSecurity Cameras (New in Box)Security23106

Hours Of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5pm

Dock Hours: 9am-5pm

*Central Standard Time


W228S7060 Enterprise Drive
Big Bend, WI 53103

Phone: (262) 662-9975
Fax: (262) 662-9964