Off Lease Equipment For Sale

QtyManufacturerModelDescriptionCommentsTypeID #
13D SystemsProjet 400Washer & Curing UnitPrinter25152
13D SystemsProjet 300Curing Oven20.6 HoursPrinter25152
13D SystemsProJet 15003D PrinterPrinter25152
4Aastra6755iLCD Speakerphone1 Scuffed Screen, 1 Missing StandTelecom25185
1AastraM670i46 Button DSSTelecom25165
6Aastra6755iLCD Speakerphone3 Cracked Screens, 2 Missing StandsTelecom25165
3Aastra6753iLCD Speakerphone1 Missing Stand, 1 Scuffed ScreenTelecom25165
1AOC215LM0003221" LCD MonitorLCD25429
5AppleA1822iPad 5th Gen 32GB Wi-FiTablet25385
1AppleA1670iPad Pro 12.9" 2nd Gen 64GB Wi-FiTablet25385
1AppleM7332Power Supplies25520
1APQS LtdMilleniumQuilting System w/12' Table & AccessoriesMfg Date on Machine: 2008Industrial25473
1Aruba NetworksAP1242 Port RouterNetworking25523
2AsusUX331Ui5-8250U QC 1.6, 8GB, 256 SSD, Cam, Win10Nvidia GeForce MX150Laptop25540
1AvayaIP500 V2KSU W/ 2 Cards, 7004797101x Phone (1-2) 700431778, 1x VCM 32 V2 700504031 PRI 1U (9-10) 700417439Telecom25511
1AvayaIP500 V2KSU w/ 2 CardsDS(1-6) 700504556 PHONE(7-8) ATM4V2(9-12), PHONE(1-2) 700431778 PRI 1U(9-10) 700417439, SD: 700479710Telecom25203
1AvayaIP Office 500 V2KSU W/3 Cards2x DS (1-6) 700504556 Phone (7-8) ATM4V2 (9-12), DS (1-8) 700417330Telecom25505
2Avaya3526T-PWR+24 Port SwitchTelecom25203
13Avaya9650LCD Speakerphone4 Scruffed ScreensTelecom25203
14Avaya9508LCD Speakerphone9 Scuffed ScreensTelecom25522
2AvayaBM1212 Button LCD DSSTelecom25522
4Avaya3526T-PWR+24 Port SwitchTelecom25511
9Avaya9608LCD Speakerphone1 Scuffed ScreenTelecom25203
61Avaya9608LCD Speakerphone2 Scuffed Screen, 1 Scratched Screen, 2 Missing StandsTelecom25511
17Avaya1408D02A-003LCD SpeakerphoneTelecom25505
1BeelinkBT3 ProDesktop25520
1BelkinF1B028-EExternal SwitchNetworking25523
1BrotherQL-1060Label PrinterPrinter25526
1BrotherTN-330BlackToner CartridgePrinter24967
1Canon730iMulti Purpose PrinterPrinter25365
3Check PointT-1106 Port Gigabit Security ApplianceNetworking25266
3Cisco800ASecurity ApplianceNetworking25365
1CiscoPIX 506ESecurity ApplianceNetworking25365
3CiscoMV71Security CameraSecurity25427
3CiscoCISCO851-K9Security ApplianceNetworking25365
6CiscoMV12WIndoor Security Cameraw/ 5 StandsSecurity25427
1CiscoMX644 Port RouterClaimedNetworking25429
1CiscoCISCO861-K9Security AppliaceNetworking25365
1Cisco2921KSU w/ 1 CardT1/E1Networking24439
1CloneBlackWindows 7 Pro DesktopDesktop25496
1CloneAH-150315" Color Touchscreen MonitorDamagedLCD25193
1CobyLEDTV192619" TFT LED TVMissing StandLED25491
1CradlepointCBA750 V2Networking25520
1CynosureTempsureRF Generator w/Envi Face & Body Handpieces(Handpieces: 10mm,15mm,20mm,25mm,30mm)Medical Laser25046
1DellP2212Hf22" LCDLCD25365
4DellD3100Docking StationDocking Station25512
1DellD520Celeron 1C 1.46, 512MB, 40, No Cam, XPMissing ACLaptop25365
1Dell25088 Port SwitchNetworking25411
1Dell390i3-2120 DC 3.3, 4GB, No HDD, 7 ProDesktop25365
1DellE2214Hb22" LCDLCD25365
1Dell28088 Port SwitchNetworking25411
93Dell7275M5-6Y57 DC 1.10, 8 GB, 256 SSD, 8 Pro, CamMissing 8 ACsLaptop25501
1EfiPro80-27i5-2400 DC 3.1, 1TB, 7 ProOn Stand, Stand Missing 2 WheelsTest Equipment25477
1EfiES-2000SpectrophotometerTest Equipment25477
1EpsonWF-7620MFP PrinterPrinter24981
1EpsonM188BReceipt PrinterPOS25429
1EsaoteSL3323Linear Probe 13-6Medical Equipment25431
1EsaoteMyLabOneMusculoskeletal Mainframe UltrasoundIncludes Height-Adjustable Rolling StandMedical Equipment25431
1ESIIP 900 MCUIP ServerTelecom25492
1ESIIP 900 MCUIP Serverw/ IP 900 CF, Missing P.S.Telecom25447
3ESIESI 60 ABP DigitalLCD SpeakerphoneTelecom25529
2ESI60 Key EC60 Button DSSTelecom25492
42ESI48 Key FD IPFPLCD Speakerphone1 Scuffed Screen, 17 Missing StandsTelecom25492
14ESIESI 60 ABPLCD Speakerphone3 Scratched ScreensTelecom25447
4ESI24 Key DFPLCD SpeakerphoneTelecom25529
1FordF-650Box Truck, 2007, 6.0L V8 Powerstroke Diesel147k Miles, Coolant Leak in Front, Engine Burning Coolant/Oil, Doesn't Start w/o Starting Fluid, Engine Rebuild Required, Driveshaft Loose on Rear Differential, Glow Plugs Not Working, Tires BaldingTrucking24542
1FreightlinerM2 106Box Truck, 2016, 6.7 L L6 Cummins Diesel Sleeper304k Miles, Wrong Key (Still Works), Driver and Passenger Side Box Creased, Blower Motor Noisy, 4 Front Clearance Lights on Box Out, Windshield CrackedTrucking24543
1FujitsuFI-6770Document ScannerScanner24620
2Given ImagingRFG-2192ManoScan AR Catheter, RegularMedical Equipment25530
1GrandstreamHT802Dual Port GatewayTelecom25216
1Haag-StreitOctopus 600Perimeter Diagnostic UnitMFG 2014Optometry25515
1HLFHLF 3600Bean to Cup Coffee MachineRestaurant25378
1HPrp57002 Duo CPU E7400 2.8, 4GB, 160 HDD, No COADesktop25520
1HPScanjet 8200Scanner25520
1HPMRLBB-0909Procurve MSM422 Access PointNetworking25520
1HPDocking StationThunderbolt 3Docking Station25520
1HPdc7800XP DesktopDesktop25520
12HPMBB2147RC146 GB HDD 10K SASStorage25520
1HPJG898A32 Port SwitchNetworking25457
1HPT2530Large Format PrinterInk SpillPrinter25474
1HPJetDirect 170xExternal Print ServerNetworking25365
6HPEGO300FAWHV300 GB HDD 10K SASStorage25520
1HuvitzHIS-5500Slit Lamp MicroscopeOptometry25515
1International43002018 Straight Truck Day Cab Missing Box53k Miles, Cummins Enginge, Auto Trans, Missing 1 Mirror, 1 Rear Tire Wrong SizeTrucking24627
1International4300Box Truck, 2015, Maxxforce DT466, Crew Cab76k Miles, Auto Trans, Rear Door Smashed on Top, Bullet Hole Passenger Side Between Doors, Both Mirror Brackets Not Connected, Right Rear Outer Tire Flat, Check Engine Light On, Bed in Back Replacing Rear SeatsTrucking24627
6Inter-Tel550.4500LCD Speakerphone3 Scuffed ScreensTelecom25461
1JuniperSSG 56 Port RouterNetworking25411
1KenworthT300Box Truck, 2014, Paccar PX-7, Sleeper356k Miles, Manual Trans, Missing Steering Wheel Face, Bumper Bent, Mirror Above Passenger Door Cracked, 4 Marker Lights Out, Rear Bumper BentTrucking24626
1KowaNonmyd 7Non-Mydriatic Fundus CameraOptometry25515
1KyoceraCS 3551ciRADF, Print, Scan, Dup, PedCopier25418
1Lanner ElectronicsNCA-1010B-ST1Star2Star Cloud Connection Manager 1000Networking25182
1Lenovo44C0554ThinkPad X200 UltraBaseNo AC AdapterDocking Station25486
1Lenovo2504Docking StationMissing Key, No AC AdapterDocking Station25486
24Lenovo4337ThinkPad Mini Dock Series 3 with USB 3.08 Missing Keys, No AC AdaptersDocking Station25486
65Lenovo40A1Docking Station w/ Key & 90W AC Adapter14 Missing Keys, (34 Missing AC Adapters)Docking Station25486
1LenovoE2224A21.5" LED MonitorLCD25449
10LenovoThinkPad UltraBase Series 3Docking Station3 Missing Keys, No AC AdaptersDocking Station25486
3LenovoT450si5- 5200U DC 2.2, 4GB, 256SSD, 8 Pro, CamLaptop25506
1LenovoT450sNOT TESTEDLaptop25516
1LenovoT450sNOT TESTEDLaptop25516
1LenovoT450sNOT TESTEDLaptop25507
1LenovoT450sNOT TESTEDLaptop25507
3LenovoT450sNOT TESTEDLaptop25516
1LenovoT450sNOT TESTEDLaptop25506
2LenovoW541i7-4910MQ QC 2.9, 24 GB, 512 SSD, 8 Pro, CamMerritt Island FLLaptop25498
17LenovoW541i7-4910MQ 2.9 QC, 16GB, 512 SSD, 8 Pro, CamMissing 15 ACs, Jacksonville FLLaptop25498
3LenovoW541i7-4910MQ 2.9 QC, 16GB, 512 SSD, 8 Pro, CamRaleigh NCLaptop25498
1LenovoT450sNOT TESTEDLaptop25507
1Lenovo40A2Docking StationMissing ACDocking Station25498
4LenovoW541i7-4910MQ 2.9 QC, 16GB, 512 SSD, 8 Pro, CamRaleigh NCLaptop25498
6LenovoW541i7-4910 MQ QC 2.9, 16GB, 512 SSD,8 Pro, CamRaleigh NCLaptop25498
6MicrosoftSurface Pro 4i5- 6300U DC 2.4, 8GB, 256SSD, 8 Pro, CamMissing 6 AC'sTablet25512
1Microsoft1664Docking StationMerritt Island FLDocking Station25498
5MicrosoftSurface Pro 4i5- 6300U DC 2.4, 8GB, 256SSD, 8 Pro, CamTablet25397
52MicrosoftSurface Pro 4i5- 6300U DC 2.4, 8GB, 256SSD, 8 Pro, CamW/ 19 AC'sTablet25404
1MicrosoftSurface Proi5-4300U 1.9, 8 GB, 246 SSD, 8 Pro, CamMerritt Island FLLaptop25498
85Microsoft1710Surface PenTablet25430
91MicrosoftSurface Pro 4i5- 6300U DC 2.4, 8GB, 256SSD, 8 Pro, CamMissing 57 AC'sTablet25430
1MicrosoftSurface Proi5-43000 1.9, 8, 256 SSD, 10 Pro, CamRaleigh NCLaptop25498
1MicrosoftSurface Pro 4 (2017)i5- 7300U DC 2.6, 8GB, 256SSD, 8 Pro, CamTablet25404
2MicrosoftSurface Proi5-43000 1.9, 8, 256 SSD, 10 Pro, CamLaptop25498
1Mitel580.1003HX Controller w/ 1 CardLSM-4, CF: 2GBTelecom25465
1Mitel580.1003HX Controller w/ 2 CardsDUAL T1/E1/PRI, DDM-16, 841.1152 Compact FlashTelecom25461
2Mitel5340eLCD Speakerphone50006478Telecom25465
5Mitel5320eLCD Speakerphone50006634Telecom25465
1MojoC-75Access PointeBay $30POS25429
1MotorolaSBG65804 Port RouterNetworking25365
1Nanosphere10-0000-02Verigene Reader InstrumentMedical Equipment24682
3Nanosphere10-0000-07Verigene Processor SP InstrumentMedical Equipment24682
1NecSV8100KSU w/ 1 CardCD-VM00, Missing 1 CoverTelecom25453
1NecSV8100KSU w/ 6 Cards2 x CD-16DLCA, CD-8DLCA, CD-PRTA, CD-4COTB, CD-CP00, CF:670966Telecom25453
12NecIP4WW-12TXH-B-TELLCD SpeakerphoneTelecom25534
1NecSL1100KSU w/ 4 Cards2 x IP4-00E-B1, IP4-4C0IDB-B1, IP4-CPU-B1, CF:IP4WW-CFVMS-C1Telecom25534
1NeopostIS5000-6000Mail Machine w/ FeederMailing25196
1NeopostDS-652 Station Folder InserterMailing25081
1NeopostSealerAdvanced SealerMailing25196
1Neopost4144168RIS/IM500-6000 Dynamic ScaleMailing25196
1NeopostIS/IM 5000 MMI6" Control PanelMailing25196
2Netgear6420BMissing ACNetworking25520
2NetgearAirCard 781S2 Missing ACNetworking25520
2NetgearMR1100Mobile HotspotNetworking24981
1OaisysR1000Xeon E3-1230 V2 QC 3.30, 8GB, 2TB (6.0 SATA)Server25463
1OKILD620DLabel PrinterPrinter25435
1One World TouchLM-5537-26-4K55" LCD TVLCD25520
1PatriotFMHD-48Heated Display Showcase 48"Restaurant25202
29PeoplenetMS5PeopleNet Display.5W/ 37 CradlesGPS24953
29PeoplenetE-006-0549Digital Video Recorder (DVR)GPS24953
28PeoplenetE006-0543-ACMobile GatewayGPS24953
29PeoplenetE-006-0546Forward Facing CameraGPS24953
1Pitney BowesDI9504 Station Folder Inserter SystemMailing25519
3Pitney BowesMP1SScaleMailing25196
1PlantronicsCS55Worn HeadsetTelecom25520
2PlantronicsM12Recorded Headset Systemw/ 2 Headsets, w/ 1 Patrol Print Management ApplianceTelecom25203
6PlantronicsS12Telephone Headset Systemw/ Headsets + PS, 1 Missing PSTelecom25203
5PlantronicsC054Wireless Headset w/ Headphones and MicTelecom25522
1PolycomVVX300LCD SpeakerphoneTelecom25185
1Polycom2201-67810-001SoundStation 2 Conference Speaker Phonew/ 2 External MicsTelecom24483
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine w/ Auto FeederBroken Feeder LatchMailing24646
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail MachineMailing25313
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail MachineMailing24977
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ AutofeederMailing25291
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail MachineReturned w/ MeterMailing25271
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine w/ Auto FeederInk SpillMailing25140
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ AutofeederMisaligned CaseMailing25265
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Auto FeederMissing Accessories, Returned w/ MeterMailing25141
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail MachineReturned w/ MeterMailing25147
1PostaliaExcelscale 7070 Lbs Dynamic ScaleMailing25526
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Feeder/SealerMailing25217
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine w/ Feeder & AccessoriesMailing24721
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine w/ Feeder & AccessoriesMailing24334
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine W/ Auto Feeder/SealerMailing25314
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine W/Feeder/Sealer+ AccessoriesMailing24434
1PostaliaPostBase 30Mail MachineMailing25305
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail MachineMailing25525
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail MachineMailing24496
1PostaliaPostBaseMail Machine w/ Feeder & AccessoriesMailing24537
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Feeder + AccessoriesMailing24640
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine w/ Auto FeederMailing25533
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine w/ Auto Feeder & SealerMailing25464
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine w/ Feeder/SealerMailing23949
1PostaliaPostbase 45Mail Machine w/ Feeder and AccessoriesInk SpillMailing24577
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Auto FeederMailing25532
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail MachineMailing25166
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine W/ Auto FeederMailing25526
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/AutofeederMailing24835
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine w/ AccessoriesMailing24986
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine w/ Auto FeederMailing25079
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine W/Auto FeederMailing25500
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ AutofeederMailing25403
2PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Feeder/Sealer + AccessoriesBoth Returned w/ MetersMailing25502
1PostaliaPostBase 30Mail MachineMailing25395
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine W/Auto FeederMailing25503
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail Machine W/ Auto FeederMailing25510
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machinew/ MeterMailing25384
1PostaliaPost Base 85Mail Machine w/ AutofeederMailing25277
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine w/ Autofeeder/SealerReturned w/ MeterMailing24840
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine W/Auto FeederMailing25493
1PostaliaPostBase 65Mail Machine With Feeder/SealerMailing25084
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail MachineReturned w/ MeterMailing25166
1PostaliaPostBase 45Mail MachineMailing25137
1PostaliaPostBase 85Mail Machine w/ Autofeeder/Sealerw/ MeterMailing24780
1PromisePegasus2 R44 x 3TB Storage LibraryASKING FOR CONSIGNMENTStorage25459
1PromisePegasus2 R44 x 3TB Storage LibraryStorage25458
1ReSeeVitFocusWaveTopographer w/Corneal Map FocusOptometry25515
9RSASecurIDSecurity KeySecurity25520
1SamsungS20B350H20" LCDLCD25365
1SamsungUN32J5205AF32" LED HDTVLCD25411
1SamsungS19B42019" LCDTest Equipment25477
1Sangoma TechnologiesPBXact 40Celeron J1900 QC 1.99, 2GB, 120 SSDNetworking25216
3SharpMX-M232dRADF, Print, Scan, Fax, DUP, Ped*DAMAGED/HOLDCopier25359
1SharpPN-L703B70" LED Interactive TouchscreenLCD25346
1ShuttleDS81 Tinyi5-4590s QC 3.0, 4GB, 256 SSD, 7 ProAttached to Smart BoardDesktop25346
4Sling MediaSB300-XXXSlingbox Media StreamerNetworking25365
2SonySLV-D370PDVD/VCR ComboTelecom25082
1StagesSC3Indoor Cycle w/ Power Meter & DisplayApple GreenFitness25452
26StagesSC3Indoor Cycle w/ Power Meter & DisplayPearlescent WhiteFitness25452
1Stealth VideoGRM-108HMonitor w/ 8 Channel DVR Combo 500GB HDDSecurity25491
6Stealth VideoCAM-460Color Dome CameraSecurity25491
1StraumannC-SeriesDental Mill w/Software & Computer/MonitorIncludes N!ce C-Series Block KitsDental25391
1StrykerRF MultiGenInterventional Spine GeneratorMedical Equipment25441
2StykuS1003D Body ScannerMedical Equipment25540
3Syneron CandelaFG71531Ultrashape U-Sculpt Transducer (Boxed)Medical Laser25222
1Syneron CandelaFG71531Ultrashape U-Sculpt Transducer (on Machine)Medical Laser25222
1Syneron CandelaFG71481USUltrashape Power, Series 03FTZ Count 18Medical Laser25222
35TargusACP71USZUSB 3.0 Docking StationNo AC AdapterDocking Station25486
38TargusACP70USZUSB 3.0 Docking StationNo AC AdapterDocking Station25486
1Taylor794-273 Flavor Ice Cream MachineRestaurant25517
2ToshibaDKT2020-SNon LCD SpeakerphoneTelecom25496
4ToshibaDP5130-FSDLLCD Speakerphone4 Scuffed ScreensTelecom25531
1ToshibaDKT2010-HNon LCD Speakerphone1 Missing 10 ButtonsTelecom25496
18ToshibaDKT2020-SDLCD Speakerphone12 Scuffed ScreenTelecom25496
1ToshibaDDM506060 Button DSSTelecom25496
27ToshibaIP5522-SDLCD Speakerphone3 Scuffed ScreenTelecom25496
1ToshibaCHSUB672A+PSKSU W/1 Card1/BCTU2A V.2 W/AMPS/ATelecom25496
30ToshibaDP5032-SDLCD Speakerphone15 Scuffed Screens, 1 Broken StandTelecom25531
2ToshibaKM502020 Button DSS2 Scuffed ScreensTelecom25531
1Toshibae-Studio 257RADF, Print, Scan, Dup, Quad TrayCopier25482
2ToshibaLM511010 Button DSS2 Scuffed ScreensTelecom25531
21ToshibaDP5022-SDLCD SpeakerphoneTelecom25496
1ToshibaCHSUB11A2KSU w/ 4 Cards2 x BWDKU1, ACTU3A, RCOU1A, SD: 1GBTelecom25531
5ToshibaIP5132-SDLCD Speakerphone3 Scuffed ScreensTelecom25531
1ToshibaCHSUE112A2KSU w/ 3 CardsBWDKU1, BPTU1A, MIPU16-1ATelecom25531
1ToshibaCHSUE672A+PSKSU W/10 Cards 3/ MIPU 16-A, 1/ BPTU2A V.1, 2/ BWDKU1 W/ SWDR1A, 2/PDKU2, 1/ RSTU2, 1/ B10U1Telecom25496
1Toshiba2330cRADF, Print, Scan, Dup, Fin, PedDestroyed in ShippingCopier25454
6ToshibaIP5531-SDLLCD Speakerphone2 Scuffed Screen, 1 Broken StandTelecom25531
1ToshibaIDM506060 Button DSSTelecom25531
12ToshibaDP5022-SDLCD Speakerphone6 Scuffed Screens, 1 Broken StandTelecom25531
1TP-LinkTL-SG1016D16 Port SwitcheBay $25Networking25429
1TrackmanTMA4ADUAL Radar System, Indoor/Outdoor Versionw/Case & Power Supply, DongleFitness25442
1View SonicVA550Monitor25520
1ViewsonicVA92619" LCD MonitorLCD24981
1WatchGuardM4005 Port FirewallNetworking25208
1Welch AllynScanTeam5770ScannerScanner25523
1Welch AllynScanTeam270Access PointScanner25523
1XanteImpressiaDigital Multi-Media Print Systemw/ Exit Conveyor & Enterprise FeederMailing25416
1XeroxPhaser 6600Laser Jet PrinterPrinter25365
3YealinkT29GLCD Speakerphone3 Scuffed Screens, Reset To Factory SettingsTelecom25216
25YealinkT23GLCD Speakerphone1 Scuffed Screen, Reset To Factory SettingsTelecom25216
1YealinkCP960LCD Conference SpeakerphoneTelecom25216
4YealinkEXP2020 Button LCD DSS1 DarkspotTelecom25216
36ZebraQL420plusWireless Network PrinterMissing 12 BatteriesPrinter25523
1Zebra160SIndustrial/Commercial Thermal Label PrinterPrinter25523
3Zebra170XiiiiIndustrial/Commercial Thermal Label PrinterPrinter25523
2Zebra170Xi4Industrial/Commercial Thermal Label PrinterPrinter25523
9Zebra170XiIIIndustrial/Commerical Thermal Label PrinterPrinter25523
10Zebra200MIndustrial/Commercial Thermal Label PrinterPrinter25523
52Zebra105SEIndustrial/Commercial Thermal Label PrinterPrinter25523
14Zebra105SLIndustrial/Commercial Thermal Label PrinterPrinter25523
2ZultysZIP 35iLCD SpeakerPhones2 Dark SpotsTelecom24098