Managing Your End of Lease & Asset Remarketing Needs

Omni Capital has remarketed over 45,000 equipment leases.  This is how we will handle your end of lease and remarketing opportunities:

  • Give us the lease number, lessee name, equipment descriptions, Schedules A’s, or original invoices.
  • When the equipment is received at our secure warehouse, within 48 hours we will send you a detailed audit report.
  • The audit report is customized to your needs.  Typically, the report includes the lease number, lessee’s name, date received, equipment condition, serial number, functionality, and a chargeback evaluation for damages or missing parts.
  • Our audit report is ready to be sent directly to the lessee.
  • Omni Capital then activates its worldwide buying network to sell the equipment at maximum value.  Selling prices can be predetermined to help assist with lease deficiencies or to obtain booked residual values.
  • Completed leases are paid out daily.  Your specific needs can be easily accommodated-i.e. bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Your Asset Management Partner

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